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Hidden and Dangerous is an action/RTS with elements of tactical strategies. The games takes place in 1941 and, provided that you choose the correct course of action, you can get to the end of the war in 1945.


  • Set in a detailed and realistic World War II world, but with modern-day trimmings
  • Unmatched balance between strategy and action
  • Fast, detailed engine, producing amazingly accurate, varied worlds
  • Excellent World War II atmosphere with all the action of classic war films
  • Varied game play--each mission challenges the player in a new way
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    Hardware Requirements

    System: Pentium-166MMX or equivalent
    RAM:16 MB RAM
    Video Memory: 2 MB VRAM
    Hard Drive Space: 10 MB
    Mouse: Yes
    Sound Board: Yes
    DirectX: DirectX v6.

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    You choose eight soldiers for each military campaign. The soldiers are not your...

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