Heroes of Might and Magic IV Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.3/10

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Heroes of Might and Magic IV Reviews

website score publish date
Thunderbolt 9/10 Apr 05 '03
Actiontrip 92/100 Apr 04 '02
Electric Playground 8/10 Apr 24 '02
ESCMag 8/10 Jun 21 '02
EuroGamer 6/10 May 26 '02
Game Revolution A- Apr 10 '02
Gamespot 8.8/10 Apr 02 '02
Gamespy 84/100 Apr 10 '02
Gone Gold 87% Jul 12 '02
IGN PC 8.7/10 Apr 10 '02
MonkeyReview 4/5 Jun 12 '02
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Heroes of Might and Magic IV Previews

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Actiontrip on Apr 05 '02

"The entire gameplay has been perfectly balanced and the interface will give you all the data you may require at any given time, so that you can simply relax and enjoy combat and conquering."

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ESCMag on Jun 21 '02

"...this is a huge success for New World and 3DO."

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EuroGamer on May 27 '02

"The old Heroes magic is still in there, and it's sure to provide a reasonable challenge for hardcore fans of the series, but it's not the leap forwards for the series that we were hoping for."

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Game Revolution on Apr 12 '02

"...Heroes of Might and Magic IV is a more than worthy sequel to Heroes III, improving many aspects of the gameplay without losing the core of the game."

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Gamespot on Apr 02 '02

"The Heroes formula clearly stands the test of time in Heroes IV and is every bit as enjoyable as it's ever been in previous games."

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