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Catherine Ironfist, Queen of Enroth, has received news of her father's murder. Sailing to Erathia with a military escort, Catherine must save Erathia's from its enemies. Along the way, she rescues Erathia's besieged capitol, restores lost land, and solves her fathers murder. But alas, her enemies have resurrected her dead father as an undead lich general for their forces. Now it's daughter against father.

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Heroes III streams every Sunday! Bad player with friendly chat/community. Check it out at twitch.tv/theknownworld/ :) HeroesOfMightandMagic3 PC

I never made it past Heroes of Might and Magic II, which is something I'll regret to the end of... posted Dec 10, 14 11:17am

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Great game, I play it now. I went back to old memories:) HeroesOfMightandMagic3 PC
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This is old as hell, but it's actually pretty good. Making levels never gets boring. Well, not for a long time. HeroesOfMightandMagic3 PC

Personal favourite digital distribution site Good Old Games (GOG) is currently hosting two lovely holiday... posted Dec 21, 09 6:28pm


It was the first one of the Heroes series that I played.
I´ve been playing it for more...


All at all, this game is my favorite game on PC-s. If you fix this little mistaces the...

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