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Average Review Score: 7.4/10

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Hard Reset Reviews

website score publish date article quality
GamePro 3.5/5 Sep 13 '11
Neoseeker  --- Aug 05 '11
Neoseeker 7/10 Sep 11 '11
Neoseeker 7/10 Jul 22 '12
Games Radar 8/10 Sep 13 '11
GameSpot 7.0/10 Sep 12 '11
GameSpot 7.0/10 Sep 12 '11
Gamespy 4/5 Sep 12 '11
GameZone 7.5/10 Sep 14 '11
GameZone 7.5/10 Sep 14 '11
GameZone 7.5/10 Sep 14 '11
Gaming Excellence 8.0/10 Sep 27 '11
Strategy Informer 6.0/10 Sep 14 '11
Worthplaying 8.0/10 Oct 14 '11
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Hard Reset Previews

website publish date article rating
Games Radar Aug 09 '11
GameSpot Aug 03 '11
Gamespy Aug 11 '11
GameZone Aug 16 '11
GameZone Aug 16 '11
GameZone Aug 16 '11
Gaming Excellence Feb 14 '12
Worthplaying Aug 21 '11
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Editorial Articles
website publish date notes article rating
GameSpot Jul 29 '11  
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Quoted from Hard Reset Reviews:
Check out these quotes from Hard Reset reviews & previews
"Hard Reset is true to its name, both in difficulty and in bringing the FPS genre back to its roots."
" There’s a reason that people are making a big deal about Hard Reset featuring developers from People Can Fly, as they come from a team responsible for one of the best FPSes of the last decade, Painkiller. A refreshing break from the increasingly formulaic modern shooter, Painkiller clung to old-school, frantic gameplay not out of nostalgia, but because it was fast paced and fun. We sat down with an early build of Hard Reset, and we’re happy to say it looks to be following in its predecessor’s footsteps. ..."
"It takes less than ten seconds for Hard Reset to define the kind of shooter it truly is. There is no crouching, no cover, and no reloading. It has exactly two guns; one of 'em is an energy gun that shoots lightning-lasers, and the other is a rifle whose targeting reticule is always red. If the terms of its gameplay don't paint a clear enough picture, we'll spell it out: Hard Reset doesn't care about anything other than killing everything...  "
"Outlandish weaponry and killer robots collide in this delightfully retro PC shooter. "
"It's short and occasionally frustrating, but the fireworks display that is Hard Reset is still a blast. "