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Landing on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, players get to experience the Halo universe in "Halo: Spartan Assault" a top-down action shooter by 343 Industries and Vanguard Games. "Halo: Spartan Assault" brings the Halo experience to touch based devices and carries an accessible experience that allows players to pick-up and play.

Game Play

Between the events of the third and fourth installments of Halo, Spartan Assault acts as a new chapter that explores the origins of the Spartan Ops program while tackling the history of the Human-Covenant wars. Players take on the role of Commander Sarah Palmer or Spartan Davis on the UNSC Infinity while they battle through hordes of Covenant forces.

Detailed storytelling with improved controls designed for new and existing fans help "Halo: Spartan Assault" reach out to everyone. Combine that with intense action, rich audio and detailed graphics and Spartan Assault brings a nugget of the Halo universe to players who haven't been deeply involved in the series until now.


- 25 missions unique to Spartan Assault, using a top down view to delivery action packed gameplay in the Halo Universe.
- Original story developed between the battles of Halo 3 and Halo 4, taking on the Covenant with Spartan Davis or Commander Palmer as players learn the origins of the Spartan Ops program.
- Simple but intuitive controls, allowing a smooth combination of console and touch control for easy play by anyone. PC and tablet users can also enjoy keyboard and mouse support.
- Crossover with Halo 4, earn experience points and new achievements to unlock emblems with Halo 4's Spartan career mode. More features available after the launch.
- Compete on the leaderboards against friends and other Halo fans in weekly challenges to rack up achievements
- Grind away to earn new ugprades or use in-app purchasing to get boosts, unique armor or weapons
- Windows 8 ecosystem exclusivity - Playable on Windows 8 PC's, tablets and phones

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[www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halospartanassault Halo Waypoint Site]
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