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Average Review Score: 8.8/10

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Counter-Strike Reviews

website score publish date
C-strike Run Articles  --- Oct 05 '04
Bright Hub 5/5 Nov 28 '08
Computer Games Online 4.5/5 Dec 26 '00
Game Revolution A Jan 09 '01
GameCenter 8/10 Nov 28 '00
Gameplay 9/10 Dec 21 '00
Gamespot 8.4/10 Nov 27 '00
Gamespy 80/100 Nov 25 '00
Geekshelter  --- Apr 26 '02
IGN PC 8.9/10 Nov 22 '00
PC Gamer UK 93% Dec 31 '00
PC Gameworld 88% Feb 01 '01
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Counter-Strike Previews

website publish date
Icrontic Jan 27 '02
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Game Revolution on Jan 10 '01

"Half-Life: Counter-strike has redefined online play. This game has more potential and more online gaming goodness than any other game I've ever played..."

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Gamespot on Nov 28 '00

"If you don't have the exceptional Half-Life, the new retail edition of Counter-Strike is a chance to get a stand-alone version of this outstanding multiplayer mod."

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Icrontic on Jan 28 '02

"It appears Valve has teamed with SpeakEasy to provide a new interface for Half-Life called 'Stream'... Nothing too dramatic as you can tell."

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IGN PC on Nov 27 '00

"...the perfect mix between fast-action and realistic damage... It's the team-based tactics that make CS so fun... Once you sustain a lethal injury, you have to wait for the next round to start..."

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