Half-Life: Blue Shift Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.2/10

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Half-Life: Blue Shift Reviews

website score publish date article quality
2404 8/10 Oct 06 '02
Actiontrip 6.8/10 Jun 13 '01
Game Chronicles Magazine 7.6/10 Jun 25 '01
GameZone 9.0/10 Jun 28 '01
HonestGamers.com 5/10 Jun 09 '08
The Armchair Empire 8.7/10 Jun 28 '01
Neoseeker 63% Aug 02 '01
Electric Playground 70% Jun 18 '01
EuroGamer 6/10 Jun 16 '01
FiringSquad 75% Jun 26 '01
Game Over 74% Jun 17 '01
Game Power Australia 2.5/4 Jun 18 '01
Game Revolution B- Jun 13 '01
Gamesmania 70% Jun 18 '01
GameSpot 7.0/10 Jun 08 '01
Gamespot UK 7.8/10 Jun 21 '01
Gamespy 70/100 Jun 15 '01
Happy Puppy 8/10 Jun 14 '01
IGN PC 7.0/10 Jun 12 '01
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Half-Life: Blue Shift Previews

website publish date article rating
3D Action Planet Apr 12 '01
PC Zone May 14 '01
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Quoted from Half-Life: Blue Shift Reviews:
Check out these quotes from Half-Life: Blue Shift reviews & previews
"Blue Shift is going to be a pretty short expansion (it's said to clock in at 1/3 the size of the original game through 27 new levels)... Expect to run into Gordon Freeman on your adventures... Expect to rely a lot more on NPC characters this time around..."
"...is it worth picking up? If you don't already have Opposing Force, absolutely. You probably will if you're a total Half-life cultist too. For everyone else, you might wonder why all of Blue Shift isn't offered on the Internet as a free download."
"If you have a yearning for more Half-Life, Blue Shift will definitely satisfy you for a little while, but this is probably the original Half-Life’s swansong, and it would have been nice to see them take things a step beyond the cut and paste action format."
"Unfortunately for Blue Shift, it didn't improve as much as the competition has... Gearbox really did deliver more fun per hour than Valve did itself with Half-Life. The problem is that there aren't enough hours."
"There’s really nothing intrinsically wrong with Blue Shift; it’s more Half-Life killin’ fun, and there’s nothing wrong with that formula. The thing that ultimately forces me to give it a low rating is how damnably short it is..."