Half-Life: Blue Shift Own / Want List

Username Comments
Vintage None
Master of the VG None
Master None
HomieLB None
vicrabb None
Ares81883 None
CleavesF Steam
Nuggy None
Icey Squirrel Master None
kDevil 8 None
Double_En None
Chiggins None
Trafalgar Exactly the same as HL1.
silverbot02 None
Poached_Egg None
mattie005 None
Aeris_2004 None
Xel None
alecko91 None
Naked Snak3 None
Storm None
Iceguy2003 None
Celes Leonhart Barney is awesome.
Ecto5 None
Sparta A good game
kumozero None
FlyingJesus None
Hellfire29 None
ByRo None
RobotMosh None
finalfantasyguy13 None
MrGrimm Not bad. I liked it. It was a great diversion as I waited for Half-Life 2.
Frost None
legohalflife2man None
njmonkey2987 None
Lorx None
Heralmina None
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antemb None
Tpeso None
Vaxine None
quickly None
warren2500 None
cswandell36 None
Zombie OvErKiLl None
DaveStrife None
Master911 None
DividingSolid None
Neoz4x None
boonenoob None

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