Half-Life: Blue Shift Own / Want List

Username Comments
Vintage None
Master of the VG None
Master None
HomieLB None
vicrabb None
Ares81883 None
CleavesF Steam
Nuggy None
Icey Squirrel Master None
kDevil 8 None
Double_En None
Chiggins None
Trafalgar Exactly the same as HL1.
silverbot02 None
Poached_Egg None
mattie005 None
Aeris_2004 None
Xel None
alecko91 None
Naked Snak3 None
Storm None
Iceguy2003 None
Celes Leonhart Barney is awesome.
Ecto5 None
Sparta A good game
kumozero None
FlyingJesus None
Hellfire29 None
ByRo None
RobotMosh None
finalfantasyguy13 None
MrGrimm Not bad. I liked it. It was a great diversion as I waited for Half-Life 2.
Frost None
legohalflife2man None
njmonkey2987 None
Lorx None
Heralmina None
594rk None
antemb None
Tpeso None
Vaxine None
quickly None
warren2500 None
cswandell36 None
Zombie OvErKiLl None
DaveStrife None
Master911 None
DividingSolid None
Neoz4x None
boonenoob None