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The Gunstringer... A legendary dead man. A dead man who fought his way through hell to exact revenge on the one who banished him there!

Game Play

The Gunstringer: Dead Man Running is a fast paced action game that incorporates skilled shooting seamlessly with a level driven story mode. As the legendary Gunstringer, players sprint through three sprawling, old west inspired, locations that span across 15 levels. But as the ol' saying goes, if you climb in the saddle, be ready for the ride.

Players must avoid deadly obstacles, take aim in fast paced shootin' challenges, collect tasty loot, and battle outlaws all while being pursued by the hounds of hell.
Once players have completed the Story Mode, they can challenge their friends for bragging rights and loot payouts in each of the three Endless Runner levels. Hard earned loot can be exchanged for new customization options such as weapons and power-ups to aid you in The Gunstringer's quest.


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The Gunstringer may have been Twisted Pixel's baby, but the Austin studio isn't actually working on Windows 8... posted Sep 05, 12 3:42pm

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