An online strategy game that is similar to the Worms Games. You can pick from a large variety of machines/beasts to bring into battle with other players. After a battle, you gain experience which increases your rank once you get enough, and Gold, which you can use to buy armor in the shop.


Enter a server and join a game. From there, you can chooose between 18 unique mobiles, items, maps, and game configurations before you begin your game. Battle it out in either a 2-player, 3-player, or 4-player battle where your goal is to win and gain GP and Gold. GP allows you to rank up, while Gold allows you to buy avatars and backgrounds from the Avatar Shop. Game modes include Solo (every played has one life), Score (every player has multiple lives that are shared by a team), and Jewel (where your goal is to earn 100 points by attacking point jewels). There is a buddy system that allows you to save the names of friends and chat with them when you want.


  • Play with 16 different Mobiles

  • Unique types of armor

  • Use different strategies such as hiding in a bunker, shooting, etc

  • Dress you avatar in any fashion you choose - best dressed avatars earn more points

  • Requires 3D graphics card and DirectX 8.1 or better

Hardware Requirements

CPU : Pentium 300A
Main Memory : 64MB
Video Card : i740(with 3D accelerator support)
Video Memory : 8M+ , DirectX8.0 support required.
O/S : Window 98
Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher

Official URL

Official Site
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Unaware about account migration. Needless to say, my character, IceX, is gone now. :\ -sigh- GunBound PC
Nov 13, 10 8:41pm
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Sep 08, 05 6:07am

Overall Gunbound is a solid game for it genre, which admittedly you could argue isn't...

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Well, this game has GREATLY improved. As you can read in the "bad" section, there are...

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Best free online game EVAR GunBound PC
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Dec 02, 04 1:00pm

when i first heard about this game, i could not stop being ignorant and bash this game...

Sep 05, 04 9:20am

lots and lots of strategy, different styles of play, a variety of avatars and mobiles...

Aug 27, 04 2:06pm
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Jul 20, 04 9:40am

This game is very unique and fun. It's also addictive in a good way. It is also free,...

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The game is really good, in fact, it's about all I do. You earn gp and gold eventually...

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Apr 25, 04 2:09am

This may seem like a simple game since you only really do one thing but it really...

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Here's a game you shouldn't take at face-value. It's easily dismissed as "another...

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