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Gulf War Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 4.8/10

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Gulf War Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Computer Games Online 1.5/5 Oct 12 '99
Game Power Australia 2/4 Oct 08 '99
GameSpot 5/10 Oct 08 '99
Intelligamer 1.5/5 Oct 21 '99
PC Gameworld 78% Nov 30 '99
Tech Extreme  --- May 26 '00
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Gulf War Previews

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Computer Games Online on

"All in all, Gulf War disappoints. It's a good example of solid engineering but totally uninspired design and, given it's suggested price, it's something you'll probably want to avoid unless you're..."

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Game Power Australia on

"All you have to do is blow up everything you come across. There are a couple of slight variations, but it all boils down to your destroying all those unfortunate enough to land in your crosshairs...."

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Intelligamer on

"If 3DO isn't embarrassed by this lame game they should be. It's the worst thing to come out of the company since it changed focus to PC software development. By all means stay well clear of Gulf..."

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PC Gameworld on

"If you like your action quick and to the point then buy this game. It's just what you are looking for. On the other hand, if you haven't touched a Sega Genesis controller since 1995 and have never..."

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Tech Extreme on

"Gulf War: Operation Desert Hammer was initially a very entertaining game. Over time it got repetitive and eventually boring. If you play the game on the easiest level you should be able to beat it..."

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