Guild Wars: Factions Own / Want List

Username Comments
Anubis A nice addition to an already near-perfect MMO.
supa warrior its recommended
Ares81883 None
CleavesF Collector's Edition
VeGiTAX2 None
mb 1 None
crazedlunaticr None
dvrocc None
Shadow of Death None
Media Cult None
bk imperialdramon pm None
Khirsah None
Vampire Lord Alucard None
Storm Can't wait for this expansion.
AngelAyla None
Celes Leonhart Worth it for an Assassin alone.
Cho_gun None
Devils Destroyer None
silenceanddarkness None
ginxcs None
August None
chippy155 None
im4evabetta None
KrazyKain pvp rocks, pve doesnt
OkamiKosetsu None
RabidChinaGirl None
Ixillius Very addictive even for an MMO
DilZZ Amazing Game
Slinkington None
TwistedSnake None
Heigou12321 None
ozzel None
j_moore_08 None
Heralmina None
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jdog199516 None
use this cheat g war None
xtr3m3gmr313 Waste of money imo =(
fireball916 None
Dax Vendetta None
Avator None
Nagare None
Enforcer8172 None
Emperor Penguin Good, but max. level is 20
De O Sinst None
Trench Coat None
Boudicca83 None
fluffy joemandude None
Materious17 None