The stand-alone Guild Wars: Factions is the second campaign in ArenaNet's massively multiplayer online RPG. The Factions campaign, which can be played either connected with the regular Guild Wars or as its own separate game, includes new regions (with an entire new continent), professions, skills, missions, and monsters, along with expanded options for both Cooperative and Player-versus-Player (PvP) play, and enhanced features for guilds.


  • A total of 300 new skills, including 90 new elite skills, for the two new Factions professions and the six core professions from Guild Wars
  • More than 50 new locales, including story missions, combat arenas, and explorable areas
  • More than 100 new creatures
  • New guild halls
  • New faces, hair styles, and armor sets for both Factions and the core professions
  • New pets
  • Hundreds of new weapons and items

Hardware Requirements

- P3 800MHz, or equivalent
- 256MB RAM
- 2GB hard drive space
- 32MB 3D Card (Radeon 8500 or GeForce 3 or 4 MX)
- Internet connection

Recommended Requirements:
- P3 1GHz, or equivalent
- 64MB Radeon 9000 or GeForce4 Ti
- Broadband Internet connection
moltenstormclaw and 79 others own Guild Wars: Factions
moltenstormclaw and 16 others played Guild Wars: Factions
Jan 25, 11 12:30am
Unlike the previous installment the story is lacking. This chapter focused more on the PvP side of the game. GuildWarsFactions PC
Aug 16, 10 3:03pm
Very addictive even for an MMO GuildWarsFactions PC
Aug 20, 09 2:49am
added 103 new concept art
Celes Leonhart
Jun 12, 09 4:17am
Worth it for an Assassin alone. GuildWarsFactions PC
Emperor Penguin
Feb 21, 09 5:55pm
Good, but max. level is 20 GuildWarsFactions PC
Jan 17, 09 5:52am
A nice addition to an already near-perfect MMO. GuildWarsFactions PC
Oct 09, 08 11:03am
Waste of money imo =( GuildWarsFactions PC
Aug 27, 08 7:12am
CE GuildWarsFactions PC
May 26, 08 12:01am
Amazing Game GuildWarsFactions PC
Dec 04, 07 6:28am
pvp rocks, pve doesnt GuildWarsFactions PC
Nov 22, 06 5:49am
Can't wait for this expansion. GuildWarsFactions PC
supa warrior
Sep 16, 06 3:51am
its recommended GuildWarsFactions PC
Jul 23, 06 7:36am
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