Guild Wars 2 is the followup to ArenaNet's 2005 MMORPG, taking players back to the fantasy world of Tyria some 250 years after the events of the final expansion for the original game. Players create their own customizable avatar from one of five races drawn from the previous Guild Wars titles (as well as the all-new sylvari) and eight professions.

In an effort to de-emphasize the tank/DPS/healer party design, Guild Wars 2 allows characters to equip up to 10 skills based on race and profession with healing skills available to all, encouraging more flexibility in builds while retaining a degree of balancing and strategy during combat against foes. Guild Wars 2 features Z-axis movement, allowing players to jump and scale vertical surfaces for additional combat strategies.

Whatever the character build, players can experience both PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player versus player) content. PvE revolves around Guild Wars 2's campaign where players progress through the storyline by participating in dynamic world events that may change based on their actions, instead of simply accepting quests from NPCs.

In PvP, players create a separate character build to maintain balance between two teams of five characters across different types of matches. Guild Wars 2 also features larger scale world versus world combat where hundreds of players from across three different servers can battle on a separate map from the main game to win rewards for their world (server).

Like the first game, Guild Wars 2 eschews monthly subscription fees, requiring only the purchase of the game and expansions to play online. ArenaNet continues to support Guild Wars 2 with expansions and add-on content, with new areas opening up for exploration as the developer advances the overall storyline.

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