Ancient dragons, asleep for millenia, have awoken and wreaked their havoc on Tyria. It is now but shadow of its prior form. The human numbers have heavily decreased, as Ascalon is torn apart by the Charr and Kryta coasts are heavily flooded by the dragons. Only a few of the previously flourishing dwarves remain. It is now the Charr and the Norn who dominate most of Tyria, with the Asuras spread throughout the cities. Cantha and Elona have been isolated from the remainder of the world by the dragons. The Canthans, now under the control of successor emperor Kisu, have sealed their borders. However, Elona already has its own problems; it is being destroyed by the return of Palawa Joko, the undead lord.


Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG taking place 250 years after the events of Eye Of The North, the final expansion to the original Guild Wars. Players take control of their own customizable character through the either the PvE campaign mode, or into the realms of PvP. Complete missions and quests as you work your way through the storyline. You can explore the world, fight other players or join Guilds. Battles are fought strategically, often with teams, by employing skills to help allies or hurt foes. Guild Wars 2 takes the original open-ended gameplay and expands on it.


  • Play with your people across the world
  • An expansive world, completely altered from the original.
  • Play as 5 different races: the Asura, the Norn, the Charr, the Humans and the Sylvari
  • Play as character in PvE, PvP or World PvP
  • Much higher skill cap
  • A Z-axis, allowing for movements such as jumping or climbing
  • Adaptable, less complex skills
  • A side-kick system that allows you to play with higher-leveled players without having disadvantage.
  • Customizable computer companions
  • Persistent areas that allow you to interact with other players outside of outposts

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