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Where Castlevania decided to take a more modern, cinematic turn with Lords of Shadow, Guacamelee was there to fill in the classic gameplay, but in luchador style. Guacamelee is a Metroidvania, meaning it's a 2D action platformer where different areas of the world are blocked off until the player earns new powers which make these areas accessible. It's also heavily inspired by classic Mexican folklore involving a man battling through the land of the dead to reunite with his dear love.

Juan Aguacate is an agave farmer with a budding romance developing with El Presidente's daughter. An evil charro skeleton named Carlos Calaca invades the land of the living, kidnapping the daughter and killing Juan. However, in the land of the dead Juan is given a mask which empowers him to fight on. He'll have to hunt down Carlos and Carlos' lieutenants to retrieve his lady love, as well as regain the life he lost along the way.

The gameplay is about what one would expect from a Metroidvania title, though it's more 'Vania than Metroid. Juan suplexes his way through hundreds of twisted, artful enemies inspired by Mexican Day of the Dead styles of art. Boss by boss Juan earns powers which enable him to double jump, dash through the air and wreck enemies previously stronger than stone. One does not contain the luchador. Only the mask can do that.

Drinkbox Studios has used their success with Guacamelee to fund their next title, also heavily inspired by Mexican folklore and art, Severed.

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