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GTA is a top-down game putting you in the role of a freelance criminal doing jobs for the mob. There are over 100 missions to do in 3 cities. Hijack cars. Run over innocent pedestrians. Blow up busses. have a blast - just don't get caught by the cops.


  • Find the hidden missions, secret areas and insane powerups
  • More than 6,000 kilometers of freeways, back streets, roads, alleyways and dead ends
  • One of the hottest soundtracks
  • Features Hollywood-style car handling and unique, zooming, top-down views
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Rockstar has been slowly going through its back catalog of video games to release on the PlayStation Store,... posted May 01, 13 6:37pm

Holy crap, I had no idea what this game was, then I accidentally ran over a cop and said : I can do that in game? I must spread the word! GrandTheftAuto PC

My Speech Outline

Well, there she blows. For those of you that didn't catch my last blog post, I needed to give an informative speech for my college speech class. It needed to be a sociopolitical topic, so I chose video game violence.

I'm a horrible public speaker, as I have horrid stage fright. I ended up rambling, and not being to get to the conclusion within the 6 minute time limit.

So yeah, there it is. :)

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I just wanted to see what it was like, so I go it. Meh. It's okay. GrandTheftAuto GBC
good but the controls are hard GrandTheftAuto GBC
Despite a couple programming flaws (can GrandTheftAuto GBC
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