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Great War Nations: The Spartans Reviews

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2404 6.5/10 Jun 10 '08
AceGamez 6/10 Apr 10 '08
Game Chronicles Magazine 4.5/10 Nov 06 '08 D Jun 09 '08
GameZone 6.1/10 May 12 '08
GamingExcellence 4.6/10 Oct 21 '08 7/10 Jul 15 '08 5/10 Jun 09 '08
IGN PC 6.0/10 Apr 29 '08
X-Play 2/5 May 20 '08
GameSpot 5.5/10 May 21 '08
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Great War Nations: The Spartans Previews

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Quoted from Great War Nations: The Spartans Reviews:
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"Excessive micromanagement and simple-minded missions make Great War Nations: The Spartans more chore than game."
"Great War Nations: The Spartans is an average RTS game that had the potential to be more. Only get this game if you were fans of the previous game then you might enjoy this; otherwise it would be best to wait until some of the more promising RTS games come out later this year."
"Ancient Wars: Sparta was at least noteworthy in that it tried to be historical, even if it was a bit cookie-cutter. Fate of Hellas/Great War Nations adds more to the game, sure, but only by drawing on even more cliches and genre standards. I've got nothing against unit diversity, but I really would have preferred they stay away from magic-using units, especially in a game that sells itself as a historical strategy title like Rome: Total War."
"It's July. The RTS scene is stale. Go out and play something new. Go out and play Fate of Hellas. "
"Of course, you have to manually switch weapons on the battlefield, which can be a bit confusing. Having to tell each of your soldiers to switch to their bows when attacking enemies they can't reach in melee seems a little unnecessary to us. Still, switching from one weapon to another, even for large groups of troops is relatively painless. There's a similarly involved mechanic for getting your troops on and off their mounts, which are treated as separate units."