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Based on the 1963 movie and events in WWII, Stalag Luft North is a maximum security POW camp. Touted as escape proof, some of the most skilled escape artists are imprisoned there. Now, the finest escape team in history has now been assembled. Make your way through hospitals, airfields, trains and more. You'll need to master the art of stealth, because bullets and speed won't be enough.


  • Command four allied officers, each with unique sagas, skills and strengths in twenty levels of military intrigue throughout occupied Europe!

  • Choose your destiny in a huge variety of vast and beautifully rendered levels, including a crowded prison camp, an ancient Teutonic castle, an active Luftwaffe airfield and much more!

  • Fight for your freedom with an arsenal of over 10 authentic WWII weapons and attacks, through intense battles against prison guards, Nazi soldiers and diabolical agents of the Gestapo.

  • Strike from the shadows in heart pounding stealth episodes, using your wits and unique skills to elude and ambush your foes.

  • Race to freedom as you commandeer jeeps, APCs, trucks, and motorcycles in high-speed chases against the armored might of the German army.

  • Featuring the voice, likeness, and classic swagger of Steve McQueen as Virgil "The Cooler King" Hilts!
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