Grandia II Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.0/10

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Grandia II Reviews

website score publish date
Gamer's Hell 7.0/10 Mar 21 '02 7/10 Apr 24 '02
Blue Smoke  --- Apr 16 '02
Computer Games Online 2.5/5 Apr 15 '02
Gamepen 3.5/5 Apr 03 '02
Gamespot 7.5/10 Mar 13 '02
Gamespy 79% Mar 31 '02
Gamitopia 70% May 02 '02
IGN PC 7.9/10 Mar 08 '02
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Grandia II Previews

website publish date
EuroGamer Mar 02 '02
IGN PC Feb 25 '02
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Blue Smoke on Apr 16 '02

"Grandia II is a solid Japanese role-playing game which manages to reward players with a surprisingly fun combat system and a light-hearted yet colorful cast of characters. And while things move..."

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EuroGamer on Mar 04 '02

"Grandia II was a fairly impressive RPG on the Dreamcast – certainly enjoyable – and stands to do fairly well on the PC and PS2. The only thing we’re a touch concerned about is the rigidity of the..."

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IGN PC on Feb 26 '02

"Those that have been waiting for something like this because they spent too much money on their PCs and don't have the dough to spend on consoles anymore have something to look forward to."

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IGN PC on Mar 13 '02

"...those that have been looking for a good console RPG to break up the dreary RPGs and endless amounts of FPSs and RTSs on the PC, you could certainly do a lot worse than this game. It's fun. It's..."

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