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Rockstar's self-described greatest game ever made has grown to become a multiplatform title encompassing more powerful console hardware as well as PC in the years following its release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The game smashed industry records, achieving close to $1 billion USD in sales just three days after launch on PS3 and Xbox 360 during September 2013. To be sure, GTAV was easily one of the most expensive games to produce at the time as well. With the subsequent PS4, Xbox One and PC releases, GTAV receives a huge visual and technology upgrade but only the PC version is capable of running 60 frames-per-second (completely dependent on the user's hardware setup).

Join player characters Trevor, Michael and Franklin, thieves and crooks who have to rediscover what it means to be alive in the city of Los Santos. Modeled after the American city of Los Angeles and Southern California, Los Santos represents Rockstar's biggest open world yet, but anyone who has played a title from franchise previously should be immediately comfortable in the fifth series entry. Whether it's stealing a hot rod and taking it for a joy ride, arming oneself to the teeth and challenging the local police force, or investing in real estate, there's something for every Grand Theft Auto fan to enjoy.

A major focus of GTAV's storyline missions are large-scale heists where players must coordinate the actions of all three player characters by switching between them freely at anytime; barring story restrictions, the player can what role they wish each character to play and where and how they will accomplish it. In addition to storyline missions, GTAV also features dynamically generated open-world missions which the player can choose to accept.

In addition the main game, GTAV also features an online multiplayer mode called Grand Theft Auto Online set in a persistent online open world supporting up to 30 players at once. The focus of GTA Online is cooperative and competitive multiplayer missions, though the main gameplay mechanics still include driving and shooting. Players can also create their own missions using an in-game content creation tool, though these must tested against the CPU before they can be shared online. Publisher Rockstar also vets user-generated content, awarding approved missions as "Rockstar Verified".

The PC version of GTAV launches with an exclusive "Rockstar Editor" tool which essentially allows players to capture and edit in-game footage from both single- and multiplayer modes. Captured footage can be edited as desired, and the tool also allows users to create and customize their own scenes.

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