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Grand Theft Auto V returns the celebrated open world action-adventure series to Los Santos, previously featured in GTAIV. In addition to Los Santos, GTAV is expected to encompass the city's surrounding vistas to make for what Take-Two and Rockstar is promising as the biggest and most ambitious GTA title yet.

GTAV isn't just about going big; the title is also expected to reinvent the franchise itself by taking it in a bold new direction.

Game Play

GTA V is introducing a new gameplay system never seen in any previous GTA title, which is the ability to play with three protagonists and switch between them during missions and free roam. The protagonists are Bank robbing experts, and the whole game centers around the idea of robbing banks and getting wealthy. The setting is the city of Los Santos, a mirroring world to the real life LA. One of the protagonists, Trevor, is a crazy lost man found in a Deseret town in the beginning of the game and the other one is a rich man under witness protection.


The gameplay map is very huge says Rockstar, it is bigger than any GTA title. To put the picture into clear terms, the GTA V map is as big as Red Dead Redemption's map combined with GTA San Andreas and GTA IV with room to spare.

There will be diving and a varied rich ocean bed to explore says Rockstar. Also a wide range of vehicles, including land and air mobiles, as well as motorboats.

Money will be a key factor in the game, Rockstar says it will not be just a digit counter that counts your ridiculously high dollar number. Hence the missions of robbing banks and getting rich.

GTA V features a system never seen in any GTA title before, or any Rockstar game:
The ability to play with all three protagonists at the same time by the mean of real-time switching. You will never be doing the boring long drives anymore if you don't want to, since you can switch to another character that is on a hostile shooting.

Body Modification will not be returning, though cloth customization is still present.

Gun Shops will be returning instead of those hidden gun shops seen in GTA IV.

A new revamped version of Los Santos that reflects modern day LA.

Rockstar says there will be many ways to use your money, and they won't be silly and limited ways.

Bicycles will be returning, they have been absent since GTA San Andreas.

Hardware Info

The title is to hit the consoles in 2013, a word on a PC version is yet to be confirmed

Official URL

Official site.
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