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The Lost and Damned is a dark trip through Liberty City’s seedy underbelly as outlaw biker, Johnny Klebitz, fights to keep his gang together as a rift in the gang’s leadership threatens to tear the brotherhood apart.

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Feb 25, 15 12:35pm
its okay, nothing to spend over $20 on. GrandTheftAuto4TheLostandDamned X360
gatekeeper1122 and 4 others played Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned
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Jun 18, 13 3:57pm
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In outstandingly awesome fashion, Rockstar Games has made every radio station from Grand Theft Auto III in 2001... posted Apr 11, 13 5:14pm

Twin_Master blogged
Oct 01, 10 12:43am

Well, it's that time again, Blog time!

I've been on mid-semester break for pretty much the last week and have had loads of fun during it. The most important and pressing issue is the one of assignment work, which I have been keeping up with during this time. That's not to say that tonight I won't be studying my ass of and getting everything sorted out.

More recently in gaming news I've acquired FIFA 11 and have had loads of fun creating my pro and generally getting a feel for the game. Enjoying a lot more than FIFA 10 and going to make something of the game. I've also been in a GTA kinda mood ever since I saw the movie "The Other Guys". Something about the gritty urban sprawl and shooting and blood just revived my gameplay urge to kill people in GTA IV.

This post is meant to be short and sweet. I'll have more updates when I get more news.

Also, a topic for people to discuss if they can through the comments. What are everyone's thoughts on the independence of children? I was a bit shocked yesterday to see what looked like 3 11 year old girls, all by themselves wandering the big city (where I live). Is this an acceptable age for young children to be wandering about by themselves? Are children these days becoming more mature and independent? Should parents be far more concerned over the safety of their young ones? DISCUSS!

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Jul 02, 10 11:13pm
Fun game which expands on GTA IV and adds all new fun to the series. Feels like a new game in itself. GrandTheftAuto4TheLostandDamned X360
May 15, 10 8:45pm
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At long last, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City has launched on the PS3 and PC. Gamers once left... posted Apr 13, 10 5:33pm

Mar 13, 10 12:09pm
not as good as tbogt but still awsome GrandTheftAuto4TheLostandDamned X360
Feb 18, 10 10:26pm
Episodes from Liberty City GrandTheftAuto4TheLostandDamned X360
Aug 25, 09 5:57pm
Better facial models and a good plot makes a good case for further DLC as many stories could be told in Liberty. GrandTheftAuto4TheLostandDamned X360
Celes Leonhart
Jun 12, 09 4:56am
Meh, not so good. GrandTheftAuto4TheLostandDamned X360
Apr 12, 09 5:14am
Fun game. I like getting the hookers, then shooting them, and getting my money back. GrandTheftAuto4TheLostandDamned X360
Mar 18, 09 5:50pm
Best GTA Yet! GrandTheftAuto4TheLostandDamned X360
Mar 06, 09 4:28pm
Wowwoo1!! Great GrandTheftAuto4TheLostandDamned X360
Mar 03, 09 9:22pm
I just recently got this one, and I don't really play it that much. GrandTheftAuto4TheLostandDamned X360
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