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Gothic II expansion pack. Players start off this second adventure once again in the Tower of Xardas. The impending return of a mighty artifact has magicians all through the lands in uproar. Some magicians are even underway with their own preparations to thwart the incoming catastrophe. In order to overcome Beliar, you will have to ally themselves with the magicians' guild and head to Khorinis. Night of the Raven is designed to perfectly tie in with the original adventure and enrichen the story by giving players more insights into the mysterious world. Requires the original version of Gothic II to run.

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Really good extention for G2. New land and enemys and funny pirates. ^^ Like it. Gothic2TheNightOfTheRaven PC

The dispute between Gothic and Risen series developer Piranha Bytes and its former publisher JoWood has long been... posted May 06, 11 10:20am

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