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Descent: Freespace is a space-combat simulation game where you're a Terran recruit in the Galactic Terran Alliance, at war with the alien Vasudan race. Command and redirect up to 12 wingmen at a time during missions (in a story with branching paths). Choose from 8 different fighters and bombers. Up to 12 player Internet support and 8 player team vs. team support!

Hardware Requirements

PPC processor or 68060
Grahpics card
3D accelerator (Warp3D)
Sound card support optionally via AHI
64 MB RAM (min. 48 MB RAM free)
8x CD-ROM drive

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Apart from simply being an excellent space flight sim, the storyline in this game just...


This is a great game! Basically, you fly around in space and blow up other people who...

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