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Sharpen up your flight and Dogfighting skills in this 3D spacecombat where you play a mercenary for hire. You can customize and upgrade your craft while you make your living while trying not to get killed along the way.

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Nomad weapons aren't as fun as they used to be; will switch to experimentals or Corsair weaponry. Freelancer PC
Why oh why can't you barrel roll?! Still a good old lehacy romp. Freelancer PC

Freelancer is a space trader and combat simulation game made in 2003 for the PC by...


even as an avid gamer on PC, Xbox and PS2, i have NEVER seen a game this well written...


Go anywhere, do anything, blow up almost anything, mercenaries apply here! If you have...


I remember a few years ago I tried a game on my friends mac which sent me on a several...


A nicely packaged game. Looks good, sounds good. The cockpit chatter that goes on in...


Worth a buy if you are looking for something new. Piloting ships is very easily done,...

[quote]REDMOND, Wash. -- March 4, 2003 -- Prepare to unlock a universe of possibilities as "Freelancer," the latest... posted Mar 04, 03 7:30pm

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