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Football Deluxe is a combination sport and strategy game. In this realistic football world, you assume the role of a football manager and professional coach. You are responsible for deciding on game tactics and solid team formation. As manager, your duties include talking to players about their problems, communicating with trainers, consulting with assistants, addressing the press, and dealing with fans, all of whom communicate back to you in full motion video.


Create your dream team by designing winning game strategies, negotiating contracts, and recruiting players. As you play in the most prestigious Football leagues, you live as team manager and experience the sweet taste of success and the devastating heartbreak of loss.


  • Friendly and attractive user interface
  • Stimulating matches in real time
  • 3D characters who communicate in full motion video
  • Face-to-face interaction with press, fans, players, trainers and more
  • Complete set of football-related decisions
  • Ability to care for players on personal and professional level
  • AI with realistic results and fast match calculations

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