Final Fantasy XIV Online Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 5.0/10

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Final Fantasy XIV Online Reviews

website score publish date
Gaming Evolution 4.4/10 Oct 11 '10
1UP D+ Oct 18 '10
Computer and Video Games 6.2/10 Nov 11 '10
Computer and Video Games 6.2/10 Nov 11 '10
Games Radar 4/10 Oct 20 '10
Gamespot 4/10 Oct 06 '10
Gamespy 2/5 Oct 11 '10
IGN PC 5.5/10 Oct 11 '10
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Final Fantasy XIV Online Previews

website publish date
Destructoid Aug 16 '10
EuroGamer Sep 01 '10
Games Radar Sep 28 '09
GameZone Jun 17 '10
IGN PC Aug 21 '09
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1UP on Nov 12 '10

"By now you've likely read about Final Fantasy XIV's launch, which Square Enix, by extending the free trial period, has effectively admitted to be an unmitigated disaster. But there's a lot more to..."

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Destructoid on Nov 28 '10

"Final Fantasy XIV doesn't exactly have a lot to prove. It has a ton to prove, for not only does it need to make itself a true competitor to in a market of MMOs, it also needs to prove to a lot of..."

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Games Radar on Oct 15 '09

"Square’s last MMORPG was Final Fantasy XI. Its major problem was a lack of accessibility. Because if you didn’t have a large group of friends, all with PCs that could play it or PS2s..."

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Games Radar on Nov 12 '10

" Imagine your living room. Everything’s in its proper place, and you feel right at home – as you should. Now imagine that your living room was directed by M. Night Shyamlan...."

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Gamespot on Nov 11 '10

"Square Enix's laborious online role-playing game is a step backward for the genre."

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