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Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia continues a new chapter to the story of Vana'diel. Vana'diel is expanded with never before seen areas and you must travel in those new areas to reveal new legends and mysteries. As some of the mysteries of Vana'diel are revealed, additional secrets will be discovered. You will still get the option of creating a character's alter ego, choosing from a variety of races, facial features, hairstyles and colors.


  • Create a customized character from a host of physical attributes and jobs
  • Experience missions by yourself or join up with other party members to form alliances
  • Explore the incredibly vast environments that make up Vana'diel
  • Connect and communicate whether playing on a PlayStation2 computer entertainment system or a PC
  • Aside from PlayOnline Viewer, players can use PlayOnline Chat and PlayOnline Mail
  • Each kingdom has its own storyline - as you progress you'll enter other kingdoms and interact with new players, for all-new quests and missions
  • New Subjob feature lets users build new skills as they take on new jobs -- and add them to their overall abilities
  • Incredible new controls make it possible to play the game with minimal mouse use -- players can create their own shortcut keys, for using skills and abilities, emote, talk & more
  • Amazing new character and world design - Explore 100 different, unique areas where time & the weather constantly change, as thrilling cutscenes advance the storyline
  • Fight, explore, email and chat with other players from around the world

Hardware Requirements

The minimum system requirements for FINAL FANTASY XI: Chains of Promathia for Windows are as follows: Windows 98/98 SE/Me/2000/XP, Intel Pentium III 800Mhz or higher, 128MB RAM, 6GB of hard drive space, DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card, CD-ROM drive, keyboard, 56K or faster Internet connection, and either the ATI Radeon 9000 series or NVIDIA GeForce series video card with 32MB of RAM.

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