Fighting Legends Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.2/10

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Fighting Legends Reviews

website score publish date
Gamer's Pulse 93/100 Dec 10 '01 71/100 Feb 06 '02
Gamesfirst 2/5 Feb 26 '02
GameSpot 4.0/10 Jan 23 '02
Gamespy 63/100 Nov 28 '01
IGN PC 6.5/10 Jan 03 '02
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Fighting Legends Previews

website publish date
GameSpot Feb 02 '01
IGN PC Feb 08 '01
RPG Dot Jun 16 '01
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"...the game is colorful, challenging, and it has it's role-playing elements. You'll have to decide if it's your kind of game or not. In my opinion, unless you've got some extra money to spend, this..."

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Gamesfirst on Feb 27 '02

"The same kinds of gaming experience can be found in much more enjoyable environments with much more engaging game concepts and execution."

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GameSpot on Feb 02 '01

"...encourages people to spread out by imposing penalties on players who prey on significantly weaker ones... Fighting Legends' unique visual flair and its focus on strategy elements should bring a..."

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GameSpot on Jan 25 '02

"Fighting Legends could have used at least another year in development."

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Gamespy on Nov 30 '01

"Fighting Legends strives to set itself apart in a soon-to-be crowded market, but its differences are not interesting or exciting enough to warrant the monthly fee."

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