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Fighter Ace 3.6 is the massively multi-player World War II flight combat adventure that pits you against thousands of would-be pilots from across the globe. Watch your six as you join in the most notorious battles in history as an Ally or an Axis Power. Bombard targets on the ground or take down your enemies in the air. Fighter Ace is an exhilarating, real-time experience every time you play


  • 107 realistically modeled WWII aircraft

  • Fly for any of the five major countries in WWII

  • Realistic battle scenarios complete with full air-to-ground and naval combat support

  • Player controlled gun positions on bombers.

  • AI Controlled Tanks, Aircraft Carriers, Battle Ships, Transports and Trains

  • Historical and Fictional Arenas and Scenarios - Battle of Britain, Guadalcanal, North Africa and more

  • Persistent Player Scoring and Ranking Systems

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