Welcome to Farmville! Now, you can start your own farm: plant flowers, vegetables or fruits, let them grow up (depending the hours or days they'll need) and harvest them when they're ready. You can also harvest trees for other fruits. And last but not least, take care of your animals and they'll give you milk, eggs, feathers and even peanuts!

Don't forget to decorate your field with fences, farm buildings, well or hall bay without forgetting the special items only available for a limited time.

Also, invite friends as neighbours, you can visit them and help them to take care of their farms. Let a message post, put fertilizers on their crops or send them a free gift every day, with some being limited editions.

Game Play

The game is a point-&-click one: choose an action/tool in the HUD and click where you want to use it. For example, if you want to plow, choose the corresponding tool or vehicle and click on a virgin or on your harvested field for making it fertile. For planting, you have to click on the store/on a field/on the seeder for choosing what you want to see in your farm. Harvesting is also working on the same mechanics.


-Invite friends to be neighbors
-Customise your whole farm
-Give and get free gifts
-Post messages on posts for you friends to see

Hardware Info

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