Originally dubbed Project V13, Fallout Online is a post-apocalyptic Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game being developed by Interplay and Masthead Studios (makers of Earthrise) along with Jason Anderson and Chris Taylor.


Interplay Entertainment Corporation is an ongoing legal dispute between Bethesda Softworks, the current owner of the Fallout franchise, and Interplay, the publisher of the original Fallout games. It concerns alleged trademark infringement in connection with past and future Fallout products. Bethesda technically owns the Fallout franchise however Interplay was supposedly given the ok to create an MMO if they wished.

Game Play

It is unknown if the game will be in first person, third person, ect. but Fallout fans have suspected that the combat system will be similar to Earthrise.


Player characters roam the desert wastes, the radiation-blasted mountain tops, and the mutated forests of the post-apocalyptic world. A land where decisions have consequences and there are multiple solutions to every challenge. Players can decide to participate in the rebuilding of this broken land, seek the adrenaline pumping pleasure of conquest and destruction, or just go launch anvils and ride the merry-go-round.

Hardware Info


Currently Fallout Online has sent out one (rather confusing) newsletter to everyone, labeled Fallout Online News 1.0.
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