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The delicate balance between good and evil is threatened in the world of Dazzleon. The guardian of the spiritual realm sends the Young Spirit to investigate this world and discover the source of the dark power. Young Spirit replaces the soul of a young girl Luna and starts his mission in Dazzleon alone.
As Luna progresses further, she discovers that the roots of the problems are deep and complex. There are terrifying experiments going on, people are afraid to walk freely and the peaceful Dazzleon animals are being turned into monsters. Luna saves one of them, and together they are the only force that can bring back the piece.

Game Play


• A full-scale RPG game for kids.
• Discover the truth in the series of mysteries surrounding Dazzleon.
• Take good care of your little pet and train it. It will be your only defendant in this
• Customize your hero, by changing her outfit. Some inhabitants of Dazzleon are very
picky about what you wear.
• Help your neighbours and test your skills in 7 mini-games during your journey

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