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Extreme Warfare Revenge is part of the popular Extreme Warfare series made by Adam Ryland the .400 Software crew. In EWR, you will progress through time as a head booker of a promotion of your choice whether it be WWE, TNA, RoH, or even your own federation. Keep your workers happy, keep the crowd happy, and skyrocket to the top of the mountain the #1 wrestling promotion in the world!


Extreme Warfare Revenge is a Wrestling Management Game where you compete for the ratings against other Federations! Be the best owner by signing superstars,creating feuds and many other thrilling features! Put superstars to there rightful categories which are Main Eventer all the way down to Jobber. Fire superstars if they injure people or are just a nuisance to have around. This is the game to Be in Control!
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Extreme Warfare Revenge is the game for any wrestling fan who has watched a show and...


This game is a great wrestling simulator. You become the owner of a federation of your...


This is a great game considering it was free! This game allows you to become the...


In this game, you can play as any promotion you want! WWE, NWA:TNA, NWA:Wildside,...


A while back I downloaded Total Extreme Wrestling. It wasn't that bad, but it got...


EWR is one of the best games ever made. The great thing about it is that it was made...

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