: : : : : EverQuest: Prophecy of Ro


EverQuest: Prophecy of Ro is the eleventh expansion pack to the popular fantasy MMORPG. In Prophecy of Ro, new characters, levels, and more unique environments add to the gameplay, enhancing playability.


  • CD-ROM
  • 8 New Bank Spaces. Even more storage for your most valuable items.
  • Traps: Control your battles before they even begin by setting your own traps for your foes to stumble into!
  • Spheres of Influence: Punish your foes and aid your allies by taking hold of the power of the gods to impose your will upon the world around you!
  • Destructible Terrain: Interact with the world of Norrath like never before! Chop down doors, tumble walls, and destroy encampments. Show your enemies no mercy!
  • Buff Filters: Decide which buffs you would rather auto-decline with the new buff filtering system!
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