The EXODUS expansion finally gives players the opportunity to truly begin the territorial conquest they have been building up for. All players can now affect the political landscape of the EVE world by conquering everything from solar systems to whole regions of space... This feature originated from the player community, and demonstrates well that EVE is a living world that evolves through player interaction. Exodus contains new tools that allow powerful players to manage very large political structures like alliances, which can contain thousands of players each. The sizes of player alliances in EVE are considerably greater than in any other MMO game. By formalizing the gathering of player corporations into player alliances, along with tools sets to allow these massive entities to control territory, the current underlying power structures will be more visible to players. Exodus improves the starting experience for new players. For the first time new players will get a detailed manual to guide them along their way. Casual players will also enjoy the new Deadspace Complexes, which are massive game arenas, where they can gather and join forces with other players to attempt to complete large scale battles with NPCs

Hardware Requirements

    <li type="squared">P3 600Mhz <li type="squared">256MB RAM <li type="squared">32MB GeForce or RADEON 7200 <li type="squared">1GB hard drive space <li type="squared">Internet connection

    Recommended Requirements: <li type="squared">Pentium 4 1.6GHz <li type="squared">512MB RAM <li type="squared">64MB GeForce or Radeon 8500 <li type="squared">1.5GB hard drive space <li type="squared">Broadband Internet connection

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