Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.3/10

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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Game Freaks 365 8/10 Nov 20 '07
Digital Chumps 9.0/10 Mar 19 '08
GameDaily 8/10 Sep 27 '07
Gamers hell 8/10 Oct 05 '07
Thunderbolt 7/10 Nov 03 '07
Actiontrip  81/100 Oct 01 '07
AtomicGamer 87% Oct 03 '07
Game Chronicles Magazine 9.4/10 Oct 02 '07
Game Informer 8.5/10 Oct 03 '07
Game Over 80/100 Oct 26 '07
GameSpot 8.5/10 Sep 28 '07
Gamespy 4/5 Oct 11 '07
IGN PC 8.5/10 Oct 02 '07
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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Previews

website publish date article rating
1UP Feb 13 '06
GameSpot Jan 13 '06
Gamespy Jan 27 '06
GameZone May 10 '06
IGN PC Jan 13 '06
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AtomicGamer on

"It definitely offers unique gameplay and with great netcode and solid small-arms and vehicle combat (including a satisfactory "feel" of player movement, weapon fire and hit feedback, something I..."

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Game Informer on

"The missteps that Quake Wars makes are mostly minor, but worth mentioning. Lack of integrated voicechat is asinine with the emphasis on teamwork. No matchmaking means finding a good server to play..."

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GameSpot on

"Quake Wars will be the successor to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and we finally had a chance to see how the game will look and play in action."

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GameSpot on

"Quake Wars' strong shooting model and focused objectives make it a lot of fun to play."

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"The Strogg are coming to Earth, and they're not bringing gift baskets."

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