Anarchy followed in the wake of the economic collapse of the 21st century. But a new superpower, the Order of Nations, emerged from the shadows to restore peace - by force. Armed with an arsenal of advanced technologies, this new authority promised the world it would never suffer another catastrophic conflict. The price of peace was unquestionable obedience. Benevolence quickly turned to tyranny as individual freedom and cultural identity were crushed under the tank treads of the Order of Nations. Revolutionaries across the globe have now banded together to challenge this totalitarian enemy in this ultimate war for the future of mankind.

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End of Nations brings RTS and MMO games together for an experience that is a revolutionary leap forward. Gameplay in End of Nations takes place on an unprecedented scale, where your strategy on and off the battlefield can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Play alone or team up with thousands of others to combat the Order of Nations as you develop your Commander persona and grow your forces. Jump into the heat of battle; deploy powerful units, weapons and technologies acquired through combat manufacturing, and research. Roll out tanks, long-range artillery and swift scout vehicles or call in super weapons for massive precision strikes. With each victory and defeat that you and your friends take part in, the
geopolitical map of the world changes as the balance of power swings.


• Massive online battles, 24/7 – There’s never a moment of respite in End of Nations, as thousands of players battle unendingly in huge areas at all hours of the day. Join with friends or embark on solo expeditions without delay, entering combat immediately.

• Cooperate & Conquer – Team-up with legions of fellow commanders and take part in battles of a truly epic scale. Experience camaraderie on the battlefield as you complete missions and campaigns, tackling forces greater than any single commander could handle.

• Command Through the Ranks – Battle alongside both new recruits and veteran commanders where every shot fired, mission completed and battle won will grant your Commander experience points to unlock new units, abilities and expand your headquarters over time.

• Design Your Perfect Strategy – Define the role you’ll play in battle—choose your Commander class and acquire unique units, entire battalion sets for powerful bonus abilities, and utilize a vast array of unit combinations to design the perfect strategy for any situation.

• Drop-In Gameplay – Engage in ongoing conflicts where you can join, leave, and play in a massive persistent world whenever you want. Quickly move from one combat zone to another as you work co-operatively to take on the Order of Nations or against fellow Commanders in team-vs.-team battles (PvE and PvP).

• Build Your Army – Customize your arsenal of units and super-weapons available so that no two Commander’s forces will look the same. Choose from units such as Neutralizer medium tanks, the Cobra mobile artillery and the Jaguar special operations all-terrain vehicle.

• Commander Abilities – Control your forces and dominate the battlefield as you earn new and ever more powerful commander abilities. Give your troops a boost with special defensive abilities, help secure victory with offensive abilities, or call in a super-weapon to annihilate all enemy units all at once.

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