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Average Review Score: 8.4/10

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Empire Earth Reviews

website score publish date
www.gr.bolt.com B Jan 01 '02
All About Games UK 7/10 Jan 01 '03
TechnicalGeek.com 87% Mar 31 '03
Computer Games Online 3/5 Jan 21 '02
Electric Playground 87% Nov 27 '01
gameON 84% Nov 20 '01
GameRaiders.com 89/100 Jan 22 '02
Gamespot 7.9/10 Nov 13 '01
Gamespy 94/100 Nov 14 '01
GameZilla 91/100 Dec 18 '01
Hardcoreware 97/100 Nov 28 '01
IGN PC 8.5/10 Nov 29 '01
Media & Games Online 9/10 Nov 28 '01
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Empire Earth Previews

website publish date
Freelancer Sep 29 '01
IGN PC Aug 23 '01
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Freelancer on Oct 01 '01

"The general impression from EE is the only one - it's going to be a hit that will be awarded with 'best strategy of the year' prize! I do not see any real rival to Empire Earth."

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GameRaiders.com on Jan 25 '02

"Empire Earth is one of the better RTS games on the market today. Any RTS fan should have fun with this game, especially if they like to micromanage almost every aspect of a civilization. The..."

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Gamespot on Nov 23 '01

"Regardless of whether you've played other games like it, you'll find that Empire Earth is massive--more than most real-time strategy games would dare to be."

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IGN PC on Aug 24 '01

"Basically, there's a whole lot going into this game. A whole lot. Have we finally found a game that just has too much going for it?"

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IGN PC on Nov 30 '01

"...the game lives up to its own ambitions. It sometimes paints with a very broad brush and glosses over certain details but it's a big package that's big on coherence and consistency."

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