In Elveon, the elven Neamas inhabit a realm of Naon, a place that had once been destined to be paradise before the gods mysteriously abandoned it. Confict arises, however, as the descendants of the gods begin to threaten peace in the land, as envy, malevolence and relentless lead to all-out war. As the mightiest warrior of Naon, you must fulfil the prophecy and liberate the city of Nimathar.


  • Experience novel action gameplay with cinematic duel fights
  • Become a master in a weapon school of your choice
  • Choose from over 100 weapons in 4 close- and ranged-combat weapon classes
  • Upgrade your weapons and equipment with divine powers to suit your fighting style
  • Re-live the Elvish mythology through the eyes of mythical heroes in fully interactive sequences
  • Explore a new fantasy universe with a ground-breaking visual presentation
  • Experience dynamic weather changes and physically correct simulations of nature environments, floating water, cloth and hair
  • An intelligent camera AI system supports the captivating gameplay

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