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The Vietnam War's most highly classified special operations were performed by the Studies and Operations Group. Consisting primarily of U.S. Army Special Forces "Green Berets," SOG warriors fought top secret missions deep behind enemy lines. Infiltrate deep into Laos with your Green Beret and Montagnard teammates, hunted by trackers and bloodhounds, outnumbered at times 100-to-1. Rescue downed pilots, ambush convoys, seize enemy prisoners, discover targets for air attacks, and direct air strikes. See why SOG veterans went on to found Delta Force and in the work of secret operations, remain stuff of legends.


In Elite Warriors: Vietnam, players fight alongside Green Beret commandoes and conduct classified missions deep into Southeast Asia. By using patrol techniques that are still being used today in Iraq and Afghanistan, gamers will find themselves rescuing downed pilots, ambushing convoys, seizing enemy prisoners, and discovering targets for air attacks.

Elite Warriors: Vietnam faithfully recreates the secret world of small teams operating deep behind enemy lines. Players will lead these teams of Green Berets and Montagnard tribesmen deep into Laos, along the heavily occupied Ho Chi Minh Trail. Each mission offers multiple challenges giving players a new experience each time they play.

As an added bonus, Elite Warriors: Vietnam will include an excerpt from Plaster's critically-acclaimed book, Secret Commandos.

Hardware Requirements

Pentium® III 1GHz or faster running Windows® 2000/ME/XP
256MB RAM, 875 MB free hard disk space
CD or DVD ROM drive
DirectX® 9 compatible sound card
64 MB DirectX® 9 compatible video card.
Requires DirectX® 9.0c.
Broadband internet connection required for online play.
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