In this death race with Eddie you start in the dimly lit streets of London's East End ("Iron Maiden" & "Killers"). You must then release Eddie from the Asylum ("Piece of Mind") and pursue him through Hell ("The Number of the Beast"), a graveyard ("Live After Death"), Egypt and the Pyramids ("Powerslave"), the Future ("Somewhere in Time"), and finally to a post-apocalyptic landscape ("Virtual XI"). In the final moments of the game you must help Eddie save the planet by defeating the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; that is, if you have the skills to get that far!


You can listen to any of Iron Maiden's songs in-game!

Hardware Requirements

Computer: 100% Windows 95/98 DirectX compatible. Graphics Card: DirectX compatible PCI card with at least 2MB video RAM. CPU: Pentium 120 or better, P200 or better recommended. Memory: 16MB RAM minimum, 32MB recommended. CD-ROM Drive: 4x minimum, 8x recommended. Sound Card: 16-bit DirectX and soundblaster compatible. Disk Space: At least 206MB free hand drive space required. DirextX 6 is required and included on the CD. Some systems may need latest DirectX drivers for your particular hardware.
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