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When playing Privateer, you can hire two distinct type of commanders for your fleets: merchant captains and privateers. You’ll be contracted by the crown or other powers for different missions, ranging from smugglin and escorting friendly fleets to locating, capturing or sinking important ships from enemy nations. Also included in East India Company: Privateer is a brand new multiplayer scenario entitled ”Breakthrough.” In Breakthrough, one team will attempt to escort their flagship to safety while the other team tries to destroy the enemy ship.

Game Play/Features

  • Two new campaigns in which you play the game as a privateer of your chosen nation.
  • New missions, including locating and either sinking or capturing enemy ships, blockading enemy ports and escorting friendly fleets.
  • New commander skills to fit the life of a privateer, such as "False Colors", which allows the player to get close to the victim without them perceiving a threat, and "Critical Hit", which gives the player a chance to hit an enemy ship’s magazine, causing the enemy ship to explode.
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