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Earthworm Jim is knocked unconscious by a falling cow and finds himself transported into the madcap world of his own mind. Help Jim battle through the layers of his subconscious in order to collect his marbles and return to the real world.


  • Nonlinear 3-D game play lets you can explore any area you choose

  • Includes 4 loony and ludicrously large environments loaded with groovy games

  • Features all of Earthworm Jim's signature moves and some outrageous new ones

  • Over 30 zany enemy characters

  • Includes returning characters Psycrow and Evil the Cat

Hardware Requirements

Pentium 133 with supported 3-D card or Pentium 166 without hardware acceleration
8x CD-ROM drive
DirectX certified sound and video cards

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General/Summary: Earthworm Jim is an intriguing game at first, but overall it just...


and if you open two sections of his brain at the same time that makes it more...

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