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Average Review Score: 8.3/10

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Earth & Beyond Reviews

website score publish date article quality 83% Apr 30 '03
Actiontrip 90/100 Sep 25 '02
ESCMag 8/10 Dec 31 '02
FiringSquad 91% Sep 24 '02
Game Over 89% Jan 13 '03
Game Revolution B+ Oct 15 '02
Gamer's Pulse 36-40 Oct 22 '02
GameSpot 6.9/10 Oct 10 '02
Gamespy 80/100 Oct 16 '02
IGN PC 8.8/10 Oct 14 '02
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Earth & Beyond Previews

website publish date article rating
Computer Games Online Apr 10 '01
Gamers Depot Sep 09 '02
GamesDomain May 02 '02
GameSpot May 02 '02
GameSpot Sep 19 '01
GameSpot Apr 24 '01
Gamespy Jan 05 '02
IGN PC Mar 19 '02
IGN PC Oct 19 '01
Media & Games Online May 05 '02
PC Zone Apr 22 '01
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Actiontrip on

"...this is the first game I would even consider paying to continue to play. The developers of E&B have lovingly crafted a world that I would gladly call home - an entire galaxy of worlds filled..."

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Computer Games Online on

"As in most other games, your character primarily develops by going up levels and finding great loot... An in-game news service will keep you updated on important events, and a supply and demand..."

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ESCMag on

"Here’s to hoping the E&B universe gets a chance to grow. Once the devs throw in more events and expand the stations to include more playing interaction, the game will give oldsters like EverQuest a..."

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FiringSquad on

"...Earth and Beyond could be part of the finest few months to several years of our gaming lives. The future only looks brighter with monthly patches that will advance the game’s story and world and..."

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Game Over on

"Earth & Beyond is definitely a worthy title for veteran MMORPG players as well as those new players that have been waiting for something groundbreaking to show up."

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