Earth and Beyond is a Persistent State Galaxy, which will allow you to conquer, explore and trade in a boundless universe with thousands of other players simultaneously online. Cruise the galaxy in a spacecraft you configure to your liking. Exploration, discovery and combat are equally viable means of character advancement. Whether or not you come in peace is up to you.

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Nov 10, 06 7:26pm
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Jul 10, 03 11:01pm

General/Summary: This is the best MMORPG I have ever played. Also the best game I have...

LAS VEGAS (Sept. 12, 2002) - The countdown to launch has begun! EA announced today that the massively multiplayer... posted Sep 13, 02 9:39pm

LAS VEGAS, NV (August 13, 2002) - Westwood Studios announced today it will offer multiple ways to subscribe to Earth... posted Aug 14, 02 5:39pm

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