: : : : : Earth 2150: Escape from the Blue Planet


Earth 2150 is a Sci-Fi RTS where the player has the option of choosing from three races with the ability of creating several types of units and buildings on your quest to win the war.

Hardware Requirements

Windows 9x/ME/2k/XP
Pentium 333 or better (Pentium III recommended)
64 MB of RAM; (128 MB of RAM recommended)
3D Hardware Accelerated video card with 8MB RAM
(16 MB recommended)
8x CD-ROM required (12x CD-ROM recommended)
DirectX 7 or higher (DirectX 8.0 recommended)
300 MB minimum hard disk space
Multi-Player: TCP/IP, IPX, LAN, Modem to Modem, and direct Serial connections (56K or better required for modem play)

Official URL

Official Site
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Reality Pump Studios has announced on Zuxxez's website yesterday that they are currently working on a sequel to the... posted Nov 23, 01 10:29pm

Jul 26, 00 7:00am
Jul 19, 00 12:03pm

Earth 2150 is a great game the only problems I have with it are the sound effects get...

Jul 18, 00 10:37am

Simply the best RTS ever. Not more not less

Jul 18, 00 7:00am
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