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Game Play

In Fortress Mode, Dwarf Fortress offers a plethora of possibilities and while survival in every embark location is absolutely possible, some of the more extreme biomes are a natural challenge. Build your fortress on an isolated island, only dealing with your Dwarves instead of harassment from would-be siegers, or build it in the middle of several hostile civilizations who will no doubt be relentless in their attacks. However, not every threat comes from civilizations or the environment. Forgotten beasts, strange beings that attack your fort from below, pose a great threat if not prepared for. Megabeasts are more than happy to attack your fortress, such as dragons that have killed hundreds or thousands.

In Adventurer Mode, you take on the role of a person, from one of the three main races (Elf, Human, Dwarf) with their own innate advantages. This is essentially all that is required. Like Fortress Mode, there are no goals and thus only the player can set their goals for themselves. In either mode there is no 'Restart from Checkpoint', meaning that should you unwarily fall into a deep river, you will find yourself dead and being forced to return to the main menu.

Because Dwarf Fortress has no "win condition" and every fortress will fall, it has spawned the term "Losing is Fun".


  • Create your own world with its own settings and history!
  • Embark anywhere in the world ranging from isolated islands, to fiery volcanoes or barren glaciers!
  • Lead 7 Dwarves to turn a fledgling outpost into the new capital of your civilization!
  • Harsh lessons in how to survive!
  • Exciting ways to eliminate nobles!
  • Fight off Sieges from Goblins, Elves, Humans, and even Necromancers!
  • Fight back Forgotten beasts, dragons, titans, and colossi that attack your fortress with the intent to destroy it!
  • Unparalleled amounts of fun, especially if you discover the circus or cotton candy!
  • Necromancers and their towers!
  • Magma!
  • Grisly combat, ranging from small cuts, to infection, dismemberment, and nerve damage.
  • More magma!
  • Manage several economies, food supply, dozens of Dwarves, your natural enemies, and diplomacy with Humans and Elves!
  • A separate Adventurer Mode where instead of commanding a fortress, you play as a meager Human, Dwarf, or Elf and traverse the world you created, and you can even visit destroyed fortresses!
  • A Legends Mode where you can view the histories behind your characters, the deities, civilizations, megabeasts, and more!

Hardware Info

  • 100MB of hard drive space
  • 512MB RAM
  • 3D accelerator card with OpenGL support

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