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Take part in a war between the Federation/Klingon alliance and the Dominion/Cardassian faction in the world of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Set during the events of the 2-year war between the Federation and the Dominion, Dominion Wars will let you command a fleet of up to 6 starships from each of the 4 races present. As Flagship Captain for either faction, guide your fleet through a variety of missions set in deep space and destroy your opponent's ability to wage war.


  • Director's Commentary
  • Interview with Gregg Araki
  • Book Reading
  • Interview with novelist Scott Heim
  • Interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Brady Corbet
  • Tribeca Film Festival Featurette

Hardware Requirements

Pentium II 266 MHz
Windows 95/98/2000
DirectX 7.0
8 MB DirectX-compatible 3D accelerator
DirectX-compatible sound card
150 MB hard-disk space
4x CD-ROM drive

Official URL

Official Site
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