A romantic seek-and-find adventure featuring beautiful graphics and unique puzzle games. Visit the florist, gown shop, bakery, and other shops to make Jenny's wedding day a dream! But be warned! The challenging Wedding Crisis levels are sure to throw you for a loop! Can you make Jenny's Dream Day Wedding happen?


Each level has a list of the objects you have to find in a limited time. When you have one, you have to click on it. You can also write the story between Jenny, the bride, and Robert, the groom, by choosing how they met, fell in love, etc.. You have also the feature "Wedding Crisis", a special test of skill, involving items already found but not in the same place. A bonus "honeymoon" level is also unlockable if you find all the hidden bluebirds.


  • Enjoy unlimited, unrestricted gameplay.
  • Play all 16 levels and 9 mini-games.
  • Unlock the tropical honeymoon level.
  • Decide how Jenny met Robert and fell in love.
  • Overcome three Wedding Crisis levels!

Hardware Requirements

Windows XP/Vista
Pentium III, 1GHz
128MB Ram
44Mb free disk space
DirectX 9 recommended

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