The dark, supernatural story line is set in Hong Kong following the elimination of the 99 Dragons Clan. You play the role of Drake , a resurrected member of the clan with a goal to get back a stolen artifact that can trap the souls of the living or resurrect the dead. The game is tied to the same titled upcoming comic with a style described as "John Woo meets the animated Batman series."


  • 3-D action-shooter: Visualized in a vibrant "neon gothic" comic book style.

  • Five seamless game stages: With 25 intense missions intertwined with 30 characters in an in-depth story line.

  • Secrets to discover: Unravel the mystery of the "Undying Dragon" and the 3000-year old conflict of rival supernatural forces.

  • Vast array of weaponry: Including firearms, short and long blades for close combat, and thrown melee weapons.

  • Freeze Motion mode: Execute moves and attacks in slow motion.

  • Ancestral powers: Use your family's powers to summon a large ethereal dragon to fight at your side.

  • Wall running and jumping: Run up walls and back flip off them while firing your guns in any direction.

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